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What is Art?

What is Art? In art school, the question was posed as if the answer is relative, ambiguous, or unknowable.

It’s not.

I have a simple answer: Art is Communication.

Think about it. An artist paints a beautiful sunset—what is that, if not communicating the beauty of a sunset? Another artist paints Napoleon riding majestically on his horse. It is no mystery why that painting was made!

When God spoke the stars into being, He saw that they were good. That sounds like art to me, but, if art is communication, what does it communicate? “The heavens declare the glory of God…” (Psalm 19:1a) Well, that is definitely communication.

It makes sense that the art that communicates the greatest, most important message is the greatest, most important art, so I have a better question: What is the greatest, most important message?

I have a simple answer for this too: God’s Word, the Gospel.

That is why Daniel Media exists.

Let’s go communicate the greatest, most important message of all.