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To bring glory to God and serve Him in obedience through the gifts and abilities He has given, to the accomplishment of the purpose He has set for them.

Nathan Paul Daniel is a Bible artist with three Bible names. Raised in Flint, MI, he relocated to Savannah, GA in 2006 to attend Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA in Animation conferred March 2009. Since college, he's worked predominantly as a freelance graphic and Web designer, helping local businesses, churches and non-profits achieve success through his work. In January 2016, he founded Daniel Media LLC, a company that exists to create and sell Biblical art, in the hopes of engaging this media saturated generation with the Gospel of Christ.

Daniel Media is proud to announce and present our first web comic featuring Othniel the first judge of Israel! Starting Tuesday, November 28, new page will be posted at noon every Tuesday and Friday (unless otherwise noted) on these sites below:

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Posting Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 PM EST, off the week between Christmas and New Year's.

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David is Israel's greatest hero and its next king. King Saul turns against him, now David must run for his life. People in need run to David, and he must lead them. Enemies are all around them. David must trust the LORD—he must be God's man as God leads him through this terrible time.

Taken from the story recorded in the Bible, DAVID is a powerful, real-life example of a man who lived by faith in the most trying of times.

PART 1: "But A Step Between Me & Death..."

Forced to flee for his life, David must find refuge. He runs from place to place, recalling the man he was before this night changed everything.
PART 2: "...Everyone Who Is In Distress..."
Alone in a cave, David looks up to see hundreds of distressed people flock to him for refuge. Saul reveals the utter wicknessness of his heart.

The By Faith Series of posters each highlight a person in the Bible who lived by faith. Each poster also contains a Bible verse or two related to that person. Imagine the young person growing up with such a poster on the wall. Every glance at it is a reminder to live by faith. In time, the youngster may even choose to take the time to read about this Biblical person hanging on the wall.


Real heroes are ordinary people who lived by faith. Meet Abel, the first person on the list of people who lived by faith. See Abel offer a more perfect sacrifice than his brother Cain. See Abel, through his faith, though he died, still speak.

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Real heroes are ordinary people who lived by faith. Meet Barak, the commander of the armies of Israel and....a coward. Meet Deborah, prophetess, judge, and mother to Israel. See Deborah call Barak on his cowardice. See Deborah go with Barak to war, giving him the courage to obey.

Real heroes are ordinary people who lived by faith. Meet Gideon, the least in his family, yet a mighty man of valor in God's eyes. See Gideon trust God and obey His commands. See a trumpet, a jar, a torch, and a sword. See Midianites flee.

Real heroes are ordinary people who lived by faith. Meet Mary, a woman from Bethany. See the dirty dishes pile up. See the cracks in the wall and myriad of chores to be done. See Mary choose the good portion instead, and sit at the feet of Jesus.

Real heroes are ordinary people who lived by faith. Meet James, the man who God inspired to write the book of James. See him teach and encourage the Church. See him “count it all joy” when trials come his way. See him value wisdom—not just any wisdom, but wisdom from above.

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